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It's All About the Dogs (and horses)


Full-Service Pointing Dog Training

 At JCK our dogs in training are our life. Every dog is of the same priority as any other. Each dog in our kennel will be trained often and regularly. The details of each dog's training program will be individually discussed and planned with the owner based on the needs of the dog, the goals of the owner and using the most appropriate approach to set each dog up for lasting success. 

Puppy School

At JCK we love working with those young dogs that are the future of the bird dog sports! In our Puppy School we will spend time, usually in shorter but more often sessions, teaching the basics to form a solid foundation. This usually includes basic obedience and appropriate and positive bird and gun introduction. This is crucial stage in training and it is of utmost importance that puppies are introduced to experiences and training in a way that preserves their excitement while encouraging confidence.


Gaited Horse Training/Lessons

JCK also offers services to assist those who love the "bigger" dogs in our lives! Similar to our dog training, my horse training is a strength-based approach and tailored to each horse and is a five (5) day per week program. Currently I am focusing on field trial horses only. Please contact me to see what training openings are available. 

Lesson are included as part of full-time training. Independent lessons are available for those not in full-time training. Please contact me for available openings.

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Gun/Bird Shy Program

At JCK we are very passionate about helping birddogs become and remain excited about birds. Some dogs struggle with this and we have a positive, strength-based program to assist them in overcoming these struggles. We have been very successful in helping many dogs and each one has had a specific program curtailed to their needs. Please contact us to learn more about our approach in this area.

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